Clearly Brian Kemp!


Based on the majority of issues and the path for Georgia – the choice for governor is clearly Brian Kemp!

It is incredulous to me that Stacey Abrams is running neck to neck against Brian Kemp. But to me, and it should be to you, the choice is very clear: Vote for a Conservative who wants to continue the 16 years of progress under GOP Governors and Legislature VS Vote for a self-avowed Socialist who doesn’t want to continue Georgia’s demonstrated progress but wants to embark on an entirely new direction embracing increased numbers of major social programs, including for illegals, with consequent significant tax increases.

It is that simple, yet so many voters are either enamored by the promise of handouts that are paid for by others or by voters who are concerned about some deficiency (usually “too much Conservatism” or “not banning assault weapons”) that they perceive in Brian Kemp that impacts their decision to vote for him.

I do not challenge the latter’s right to deliberate on any given issue, but I urge all to look at the overall picture of the future of Georgia that each candidate promises and do not make this a “single issue” choice when so many issues clearly favor Kemp.

Brian Kemp clearly will add to the last 16 years of progress under GOP leadership.

A quick look at Stacey Abrams finances, voting record and campaign discussions clearly indicate that she would radically change Georgia and put it on the path to become the “East Coast California”

Abrams’ Finances

Campaign finance breakouts can be found on Of Abram’s $16.4 million:

  •  43% is from out of State (compared to Kemp’s 4%)
  • Includes $94,000 from George Siros and various Siros family members
  • Includes $207,000 from Unions and $30,000 from
  • Includes $164 of her own money while still owing over $50,000 in back Federal Taxes (her annual salary from her non-profit organizations is reportedly over $200,000)

Abrams’ Voting Record

Stacey Abrams’ voting record while in the Georgia House is highly questionable. In her 10 years in office (2007-2017) she only sponsored 4 pieces of legislation, she voted 115 time only supporting the Bill 28 times while voting against the Bill 83 times! Telling Legislation includes:

  • Voting No on Prohibiting State money for Sanctuary Campuses
  • Voting No on Prohibiting Undocumented Immigrants from serving on Local Governing Bodies
  • Voting No on Amending State Immigration Policy
  • Voted No on Immigration Enforcement Act
  • Voting No on Citizen Status Verification of Government Assistance Recipients
  • Voting No on Proof of Citizenship for Voter Registration
  • Voted No on English as official language of Georgia
  • Voted No on Expanding Sex Offender Restrictions
  • Voted No on Authorizing the Ability to Purchase Health Insurance from Out of State
  • Voting No on Requiring Coverage for Terminal Conditions
  • Voting No on Requiring Drug Testing for Certain Welfare Recipient
  • Voted No on Authorizing State to Approve Charter Schools
  • Abrams supports allowing non-citizens to access the HOPE scholarship.
  • Abrams supports sanctuary cities. (there are 1,360 criminal illegal aliens currently in the Georgia prison system for violent crimes.)
  • Abrams supports a mandatory $15 minimum wage in Georgia.
  • Abrams opposes requiring voters to show an ID. Further, she supports allowing felons to vote, as well as non-citizens.
  • Abrams advocates for dramatically raising the personal and corporate state income tax.
  • Abrams’ Positions (based on record and campaign statements)
  • Burned Georgia Flag in 1992 as College Student
  • Supports illegals including being against Voter ID requirements, giving them full social benefits including ability for free tuition HOPE scholarships
  • Supports sanctuary cities. (there are 1,360 criminal illegal aliens currently in the Georgia prison system for violent crimes) and has spoken out against ICE
  • National TV comment that “Blue Wave will include Legals and Illegals”
  • Advocates for dramatically raising the personal and corporate state income tax.
  • Supports increased controls on gun ownership

Abrams’ Associates and Supporters Include:

  • Bernie Sanders
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Elizabeth Warren
  • Linda Sarsour -American political activist and former executive director of the Arab American Association of New York. She has promoted Sharia Law, is anti-Israel and has continued to raise many controversial issues. At the July 2019 ISNA Convention (Islamic Society of North America), she called for Jihad against President Trump.


This election is too important to bypass or to vote on personalities or single issue. What I wrote about Stacey Abrams is documented including impartial site on financial financing and State voting records. Stacey Abrams is a clear anathema to Georgia with her socialist ideology and demonstrated record, both amplified by her campaign funding, associates and promises to radically change Georgia from its 16 years of progress in economic and social growth to a “California” like State which is nearing bankruptcy due to its social programs, is becoming a Sanctuary State and has companies, jobs and citizens leaving the State to move to more hospitable States.

Brian Kemp may be “too Conservative” for all or have “an area of concern” but he clearly has the necessary acumen and record to continue making Georgia one of the leading States in the Nation.

Please ask yourself:

  • Are you unhappy with the progress Georgia has made under 16 years of GOP leadership?
  • Are you happy with the state of California and emulate it?
  • Are you happy to adapt a path of big Government Socialist programs for Georgia, inclusion of illegals with many programs and rights, and higher taxes
  • Are you willing to make this a “one issue” (guns) decision over the prior three considerations?
  • Based on your answer to the first question, are there specifics on the individual candidates for Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State and Attorney General that would make you choose a Democrat versus the Republican candidate?


I hope you will read this over, give it full consideration and make the right choices.

  • Vote Brian Kemp for Governor!
  • Vote GOP down ticket!
  • Tell your family, neighbors, friends and associates how important this election and their choices are!
  • Get out to Vote!


By Larry Laibson

Larry has lived in Atlanta since 2002 and worked as a Project Manager for the U.S. Department of Defense for 42 years. Larry is active in both the Republican Jewish Coalition and the Fulton County GOP and has collaborated with Georgia Representatives and Senators to draft several substantial bills. He has been a Precinct Captain and a two-time member of the 6th District Convention Resolution Committee, member of the GA GOP 2016 Convention Resolution Committee, and is currently serving his third term as Fulton County GOP Vice Chairman.

DISCLAIMER: The views, opinions, positions, or strategies expressed by the author are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, or positions of The Buckhead Republicans. If you are a gifted writer or would like to share your thoughts and ideas, please contact us about guest blogging opportunities.

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