Midterms: Impact of Trump’s Populism and Accomplishments



The Democrats, aided and abetted by a friendly mainstream media, are running “against Trump” for National and State seats in this Midterm election. Many are clearly affected by “TDS” or “Trump Derangement Syndrome” and are confident this will get them into office, take back the House and Senate in Congress, take back more States and shift the currently heavy Republican majority in both State Governors and Legislatures, start impeachment hearings against President Trump and have a clear path to taking back the White House in 2020.

I think they are either overoptimistic or delusional or both.

However, I could be wrong. The dangers to the Nation are real and I believe in hedging my bets by encouraging Republicans to get and stay informed, be realistic, support the GOP candidates and Get Out To Vote!

Hopefully, they voted in the Primary, will stay active in any Runoff and will increase their enthusiasm and efforts as we move into the General Election.

President Trump has been tagged with numerous labels ever since throwing his hat into the ring in the Primaries. Some of these labels included “incompetent, lazy, unfocused, unaccomplished (??), crude, etal.

Yes, he was an outsider, but he didn’t build his fortune by magic but he had the necessary abilities and tools to accomplish his goals and objectives. He ran the Primary and the 2016 General Election with the same abilities and tools, was unquestionably successful and now sits in the White House.

President Trump is trying to actually accomplish the many things he promised during his campaign and which were his visions of what were needed to restore America to the greatness that it had before its “defeatist years and changes” under the Obama Administration which moved America down a Leftist Path. The voters in 2016 evaluated this Path clearly to be continued under an accelerated pace under a Hillary presidency and which are being promised “squared” under the platforms being pushed by many of today’s prominent “Democrat” (Progressive) candidates running for the midterm seats and being supported by wanna-be “Democrat” (Progressive) candidates for 2020. Imagine the latter taking back the House and Nancy Pelosi becoming Speaker again!

Realities of President Trump’s Term to Date

We all have our pet peeves about this or that regarding President Trump, but seeing what he has accomplished and his “works in progress” I think he has done a very good job with the deck that he was dealt. Imagine if he was not saddled with this prolonged Mueller investigation that was started to address “Russian Collusion” but after finding nothing after a year has morphed to a variety of seemingly unrelated investigations to find something that would impugn Trump or lead to his impeachment. Imagine if some of the Republican leaders in key positions could put Nation over personal interests or ideology and passed critical legislation.

Imagine if the Democrats in Congress stopped acting in unison with their Leadership vision of the 2020 Election with associated directives to block the majority of Congressional actions which “may benefit President Trump and the Republicans.” Imagine if the Democrats actually worked for achievement of real objectives addressing real issues of importance to America.

Imagine if the main stream media was not out to denigrate Trump by concentrating on every perceived negative action while avoiding so many accomplishments or key issues still being addressed by his Administration.

Do I like President Trump’s persistent tweeting or his sometime brashness? No!

But are they effective? How would you measure this? Harvard law professor Jack Goldsmith recently wrote “It is part of Trump’s evil genius that he elevates himself by inducing his critics to behave like him.” Is this part of Trump’s actions and tweeting, both to get his message out because the media won’t and to rile his opposition to the degree that now the Democrat Party and many voters, are characterized by “Trump Derangement Syndrome”? Why is it that the obvious approach in Congress is “attack”, there is little or no compromise and votes go across Party lines (more so on the Democrat Party)? What are the Democrats in Congress running on beside “anti-Trump”? What is their Platform or Programs?They seem to be hiding these as more of their Leadership is becoming vocal on the need to start identifying them as the voters “are getting restless on just TDS actions and talks of impeachment.”

Meanwhile, President Trump has put America back into a Leadership (rather than “Lead from behind) role in world affairs, has re-emphasized strengthening the Military after 8 years of sever cuts and reduction in readiness, has significantly cut Government regulations (helping the economy and jobs), got a Tax Reform package passed (again, significantly helping the economy and jobs), taken a hard stand on Trade Deals which result in unbalanced trade agreements, took a needed hard stand against N. Korea which is bringing them to the negotiating table to address the serious problem of a nuclear armed N. Korea, taking a very needed reassessment of the faulty nuclear arms deal with Iran whose path to a nuclear bomb is delayed by not stopped, whose inspection criteria is highly suspect (while Iran continues to call for death to America, death to Israel) is continuing to work on ballistic missiles that could carry nuclear war heads and continues to support terrorism throughout the Middle East.

I portend that the above are very important and welcome changes to America’s role on the world stage since the vacuum from the Obama Administration which, history has shown, escalations in world tensions love vacuums of leadership, especially America’s.

Jeff Jacoby’s may 17, 2018 article “The world needs a policeman and there is no alternative to America” (“Jewish World Review”) addressed this well”

“With the emergence of a new Obama doctrine, American foreign policy grew more deferential and self-effacing. In practice, that meant being more tolerant of brutal regimes and less inclined to support their victims. Obama refused to encourage pro-democracy protesters in Iran, to enforce a “red line” against chemical warfare in Syria, to resist Russian aggression in Ukraine, or to thwart China’s encroachments against its neighbor’s………it became ever clearer that Obama’s policies were making the world more dangerous…..”

Unlike the Obama Administration and what would be expected from any of the current prospective Democrat contenders, President Trump like President Reagan would “Trust, but Verify” rather than rushing into haphazard agreements that have weak provisions like the U.N.’s restrictions or limitations on inspections of some of the Iran nuclear sites if they are at military bases.

Some may call Trump “Not a typical politician” or “Uncouth”, but he is certainly getting results built around these actions in numerous areas, both abroad and at home, and America is finally moving in the right direction again.

Portends for the Midterm Elections and Beyond

Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) shows signs of backfiring on the Democrats due to President Trump’s continued successes. Even Nancy Pelosi is urging her Party and candidates to back off aligning themselves as “anti-Trump” and the Party is trying to formulate a sellable program of what they would do for America. I suggest that this would be “imagine what Obama promised and now let’s amplify it with more socialistic efforts like health care for everyone, guaranteed jobs for everyone, free college, etc”.Such Far Left objectives are being articulated almost daily by mainstream Democrat candidates including Bernie Sanders (2020 Presidential hopeful) as articulated at the recent Progressive conference held in Atlanta and attended by many other Progressives active in current National and State elections.

Meanwhile, most Republican candidates are supporting Trump whose own approval rating has been rising steadily to 43-45%+ in many respected polls .

In January 2018, the Democrats had a positive 13%-17% advantage over Republicans in projected Congressional races. This has shrunk to 3%-5% as President Trump’s accomplishments and popularity continue to rise and as the Democrats remain stuck on their TDS/impeachment message sans programs to address the Nation’s needs.

In recent of 12 battleground states, generic Republican Senate candidates lead in seven states by an average of 6.3%.

Early indications are that the Senate will remain Republican with potential of a few additional seat margin. The House is more ominous due to the large number of Republican seats being vacated and with the Party/Pelosi “throwing caution to the wind” to win the necessary votes to gain control (again, this by itself should scare you to support the Republican candidates and to get out to vote).

Other recent polls have indicated that the Millennial and Black vote, very heavily Democratic in 2016, has softened and past large numbers cannot be taken for granted in the Midterms (I think the growing economy and jobs has a lot to influence in this.)

Yet, one of the Democrat candidates for Georgia Governor is basing her campaign on progressive changes to Georgia and getting out the Black vote.


The Nation has been making significant progress in restoring its Strength and Values under Republican Leadership at both the State and National levels.

The Democrat Party has become radically different and much more Progressive as it has moved even further Left than President Obama’s ideology and his “Change to America” roadmap and is promising to undo recent progress to the Nation from President Trump and his Republican Administration.

In 2016, Trump’s Populism took the Nation by a big surprise by many as he handily defeated 16 other strong Republicans in the Primary and the “Queen to be, Obama Legacy Protector” in the General Election.

Trump ran on many often repeated promises and he is striving to deliver on these promises. I find this novel, refreshing and important to America.

President Trump has restored America’s Leadership role on world affairs and have included positive actions that hopefully will achieve long term successes.

In 2016, the Republicans Won the Battle, regained the White House and Congress majority.

In spite of internecine warfare with obstructionists Congressional Democrats and sometimes recalcitrant Republicans, significant accomplishments have been made by the President Trump Administration.

This is being threatened by the “new” Progressive Democrat Party challenges to “take back Congress, reinstall Pelosi as House Speaker, Impeach President Trump’, stop or undo accomplishments to date by President Trump’s Administration.”

Let’s not “Lose the War” by failing to GET OUT THE VOTE! and elect Republicans to State and National Office.

By Larry Laibson

Larry has lived in Atlanta since 2002 and worked as a Project Manager for the U.S. Department of Defense for 42 years. Larry is active in both the Republican Jewish Coalition and the Fulton County GOP and has collaborated with Georgia Representatives and Senators to draft several substantial bills. He has been a Precinct Captain and a two-time member of the 6th District Convention Resolution Committee, member of the GA GOP 2016 Convention Resolution Committee, and is currently serving his third term as Fulton County GOP Vice Chairman.

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